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BBS Automation GmbH buys ixmation AG from Conzzeta

Munich, July 21, 2014: The company management of the BBS Automation Group and the Conzzeta AG have reached an agreement on the acquisition of all holdings of the ixmation AG by BBS. A contract about this transaction was signed on July 18, 2014 in Zurich.

BBS has taken over the ixmation AG, retroactive to July 1, 2014. All current projects and orders will be continued and concluded in the usual and professional manner. BBS CEO Josef Wildgruber explains: "ixmation enjoys an excellent reputation with customers all over the globe for its high-quality automation solutions for assembly and testing technology". He continues: "In particular, the manufacture of automated manufacturing systems in this industrial environment offers enormous opportunities, however, it also poses great challenges to all those involved, from the installer to the manager. All concerned will benefit from this transaction, because it will allow us to considerably expand our potential. We look forward to developing our range of products, services and customer focus even further".


About BBS Automation
The BBS Automation Group today has over 540 employees at 8 locations in Europe, North America, and Asia. As globally acting company, we have been supplying our customers with first-class products and quality service. BBS Automation offers innovative and flexible complete solutions in the automated installation and inspection fields and for wet-chemical surface treatments. The scope of services ranges from engineering and consulting, to complete solutions for machine and system construction for automation systems, to the manufacture of products on behalf of customers.


BBS Automation GmbH

Clarita-Bernhard-Str. 25

81249 Munich



Tel.:        +49 (0)89 8560 7354-0

Fax:        +49 (0)89 8560 7354-99




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Caught by the World Cup fever!

Rolling news and pictures from the IXCN Football Cup!

Inspired by Brazil 2014 World Cup, the ixmation team in Suzhou got caught by the football fever. Just for fun two women and four men teams have been organized to participate in a football tournament.
Our IXCN Teams are just as committed and passionate as the teams around the world playing the World Cup in Brazil.

Left, the ladies RED TEAM captained by Jane Xue
and right the BLUE TEAM captained
by Helen He.

Do not be fooled by the pretty women -
they are tough fighters!

The ladies convinced by their drippling skills ...

.... fast conters ...

..... and graceful foot work of their defenders.

   Score 2 : 1 the BLUE TEAM won the game

Men Champion - captained by Jeremy Zhu

Rex Lei (Blue) showing some nifity footwork

Rex leaves RED TEAM's defender in his wake

Super Header! - by Lane Yuan in RED!

Kick - off by Jon and Sam (RED)

Nice time tackling by Li Haifeng (BLUE) to prevent a cross in by Sam Zhao (RED)

Penalty by the BLUE TEAM, despite Rich's best basketball skills he cannot prevent the BLUE
TEAM from scoring. Only goal conceded in the tournament from Rich Nickell.

Men's Team Runners-Up captained by Zhao Xiao Fei

Honored as best lady player: Helen He

Honored as best men player: Sam Zhao


                            Regards from the wonderful Football Team of ixmation CHINA!

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ixmation at Assembly & Handling Technology Exhibition (AHTE) 2014, Shanghai, China.

ixmation China will be at AHTE from 11th-13th August, 2014, in Shanghai New Int’l Expo Center, Hall E4, Booth E11.

AHTE is a platform for the world's leading assembly and automation suppliers to show their products and technologies for lean manufacturing, cost reduction, enhanced productivity, and process control.

AMTS which is held at the same time with AHTE, aims to exhibit the applications and innovations in the aspects of automotive material and design, automobile manufacturing technology equipment, automobile assembly tech and quality and automobile engineering service, etc. it is a grand event for the full exhibition of innovative products and advanced concepts in the automobile manufacturing industries.

ixmation China will be presenting our advanced technologies and multiple solutions for assembly and testing. We’re looking forward to show our rich experience in assembly and testing automation to you.

Welcome to visit our booth!

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ixmation at the AUTO EXPO India

ixmation MALAYSIA will be at the AUTO EXPO from 6th – 9th Feb (opening times from 10.00am to 6.00pm) in Hall 1-A, Booth 18

The ixmation MALAYSIA team of the Design Build System (DBS) division and Leak Detection System (LDS) division,will be there to discuss and consult our visitors on individual projects from customized automated systems, testing systems, build-to-print systems to leak detection systems.


We will be presenting our solution performance videos and demonstration of our HLDS machine capabilities. For this exhibition, we are featuring our new, compact and auto sealing Single Chamber HLDS machine for evaporator to showcase ixmation’s competencies to the Indian audience. We are sharing with our visitors the latest solutions for Helium Leak Detection Systems, customized assembly and testing system, and the advantages these can bring to your production.


Seize this opportunity to find out more in a one-to-one talk.
We are looking forward serving you during your visit at our booth!

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ixmation at the Global Automotive Component Supplier (GACS) Expo, Landesmesse Stuttgart, Germany.

ixmation participated successfully at the GACS!.

The Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo, a leading international supplier show, took place with great success at the Landesmesse Stuttgart from 04 – 06 June, 2013.

The Expo was held alongside industry leaders Automotive Testing Expo, Engine Expo, Automotive Interiors Expo and Vehicle Dynamics Zone, Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo lived up to its billing as the key international exhibition for automotive OEM and Tier 1, 2 and 3 procurement managers, component specifiers and engineers, all showcasing the very latest next-generation automotive components. 

Companies from around the world have been at the expo to discussing how they can participate in cost reduction within supply chains, and how they can offer new, alternative, cost-effective manufacturing and supply solutions. For ixmation it was a great opportunity to present out competences in building assembly and testing lines to the suppliers. 

ixmation Group looks forward  to exhibiting again from 24th – 26th June 2014.  

Save the date for the GACS Expo in 2014 and visit us!


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For you!

ixmation announces the up load of the new brochures for AUTOMOTIVE and MEDICAL Devices in the download section of the homepage All brochures available as convenient screen PFD-version.

The brochure AUTOMOTIVE “Driving high value and throughput” gives you an overview of ixmation’s assembly solutions in this market. We are proud to have several Tier 1 automotive suppliers in Germany among our customers. All European companies can contact our Sales and Project Management Team conveniently in Switzerland. We support you no matter at which ixmation production unit your assembly and testing line shall be building.
The MEDICAL brochure “Improving tomorrow’s Health” shows the diversity of applied experience and the potential competitive edge for your future assembly and testing lines. ixmation is aware of regulatory compliances through all processes and support you and your project today and in the future in various applications for Medical devices.
Feel free to contact your ixmation site close to you to have a print version send to your hands – or make a meeting appointment with one of our sales representatives.

If there is anything of your interest or questions to the ixmation assembly and testing experience which may be valuable for your production fell free to contact us.

This link takes you conveniently right to the download section of the new brochures.

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Announcement of relocation!

ixmation Suzhou announces the relocation to a new, modern facility at No.7-1 Tingrong Street, Weiting District, 215122 Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Please note also that the phone, fax and the extension number of your contact at ixmation Suzhou have changed. The email address will remain the same.
Call the main line +86 512 8777 0968 to get the new extension number of your contact.
The new fax number is +86 512 8777 0978.
Since the beginning of October the entire team has been busy relocating the offices, the work floor and utilities to the new building, which is located approximately 20 minutes from the former building. We are pretty well settled in now and we look forward to welcoming you at our new location and taking you on a tour around our new facility!

ixmation Suzhou 7-1 Tingrong Street, Weiting District, 215122 Suzhou, Jiangsu

Entrance and welcome desk

Our new production floor. 

We installed modern and  bright offices for our teams.

The new cafeteria offers enough space for a relaxing lunch time.

Our new conference room

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HVAC Helium Leak Testing - Project of a Global Automotive Supplier in Brazil.

Good cooperation with one of ixmation’s automotive customers continues with a new project involving helium leak detection for HVAC.

Helium leak testing is very important when manufacturing HVAC components, to avoid environmental damage and hazards to human health. As the example shows, 1 kg of refrigerant dripping out of a leaking HVAC system causes the same harm to the environment as a van driven a distance of 10,000 miles.
The customer’s project team from Brazil arrived recently at the ixmation facility in Malaysia for the FAT of the customized ixmation testero™ HLDS. The FAT guarantees that all customer requirements and expectations of the system are fulfilled. The robust design of the ixmation testero™ HLDS, based on long experience of the ixmation MALAYSIA engineers and machine builder team, again exceeds the customer’s expectations. In the meantime, this ixmation testero™ HLDS has left Malaysia and is headed toward the customer’s manufacturing facility in Brazil.

(ltr:) Paul Morach (ixmation Director of Quality and Knowledge Management), two valued ixmation customers from Brazil, Kelvin Ong (ixmation Sr. Sales Engineer), Jason King (ixmation Sales Section Manager-LDS) in the lobby of the ixmation MALAYSIA facility.

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For you!

The new ixmation Helium Recovery System (HRS) flyer in English, Chinese and Thai is now available in the download section!

ixmation announces the up load of the new Helium Recovery System flyer in the download section of the homepage

This link takes you conveniently right to the download section of the new brochures.

Feel free to contact your ixmation site close to you to have a print version send to your hands – or make a meeting appointment with one of our sales representatives.

If there is anything of your interest or questions to the ixmation assembly and testing experience which may be valuable for your production fell free to
contact us.


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ixmation at the IMTS Show 2012

ixmation participated successfully at the ITMS Show 2012 in Chicago IL in the section of IANA – Industrial Automation North America.

The 2012 International Manufacturing Technology Show was a historic success; with over 100,000 registered attendees it topped 2010 by almost 20%.
This biannual event filled all four halls of Chicago’s McCormick Place with machine tools, electrical systems, robotics, and industrial automation. ixmation NORTH AMERICA exhibited under the Industrial Automation North America (IANA), a pavilion devoted industrial automation, new to the IMTS. Booth traffic was very good with huge crowds throughout the week gathered around the attention grabbing Revolution show machine, which displayed a high speed robotic assembly/disassembly process guided by vision technology.
ixmation NORTH AMERICA looks forward to exhibiting again in 2014.

The visitors have been very impressed by the performance of the “Revolution” a full automated assembly line with an integrated vison control system on a space saving footprint.




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ixmation NORTH AMERICA exhibits the Revolution Robotic Motion Platform at the Intersolar show in San Francisco.

by Randy Curtis, Sen. Account Manager, IXNA

The Revolution Platform features a pallet based conveyor system and 3 (attention grabbing!) robots doing precision pick and place with vision guided assistance.  A puzzle on a moving pallet is presented to a 6-axis articulating robot that disassembles the puzzle and randomly orients the pieces onto a moving conveyor.  A second “Spider” robot finds the pieces on the conveyor with assistance from a camera mounted above and reassembles the puzzle in the correct orientation.  The pallet and puzzle are then sent to a second “Spider” robot which very quickly moves the puzzle to an offloaded pallet and back to the pallet on the conveyor and then returns it to the first robot.  These high speed “Spider” robots are used for very high speed pick and place processes and are capable of doing up to 3 picks per second.

The ixmation Revolution platform

Visitors are fascinated by the high speed spider robots.

Intersolar and Semicon are a combined show that invites professionals from Engineering, Operations, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing in the solar and semi wafer industries. ixmation exhibited along with more than 900 other suppliers and the attendance was more than 22,000 visitors.  Even though according to SEMI, the Intersolar visitor turnout was down 18% vs. 2011, this year’s booth traffic seemed very good for ixmation. This is a pleasant surprise given there has been a retraction in investment and some recent declarations of bankruptcy for many solar related companies worldwide.  IXNA had visits from several customers at Bay Area solar firms as well as many unexpected prospective customers both in and out of the solar industry.

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ixmation CHINA celebrates Women’s Day

International Women's Day (IWD), begun in 1911 and originally called International Working Women’s Day, is marked on March 8 every year.

In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from a general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration of women’s economic, political and social achievements. Started as a Socialist political event, the holiday has blended with the culture of many countries. In many regions, the day lost its political flavor and became simply an occasion for men to express their love for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.
ixmationChina has a very sweet tradition for Women’s Day. Our HR department always arranges some special activities for girls. Looking back to the last few years,it may be a party, a half day off, or some makeup gift that we just need. At the same time, all the gentlemen in ixmation China are very jealous of our festival!
This year all the girls had a very good lunch in a very popular Western-style restaurant.During the lunch, girls from different departments had a very relaxing chat. The restaurant also prepared some birthday gifts for those born in March.
After that there was a KTV waiting for us. That was when I realized there are many potential singers hiding in ixmationChina.
We all thought this would be a sweet memory for us.

Looking forward to a very delicious lunch and jolly chats!

Happy Birthday! The lucky March born ladies with their gift from the restaurant management.

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ixmation NORTH AMERICA: Solar project

ixmation North America is currently building two identical lines of very large machines for a customer in the solar power industry. There are three machines per line.

Like previous projects for the solar industry, the current machines process photovoltaic material. The photovoltaic substrate arrives in its raw state, in large sheets, which must be cut to size and then assembled into the finished power-generating device.
This photo shows the two binning areas of the first machine in the line. In the background is an indexing dial where parts are processed before being transferred into bins.
These complex machines are in debug now, so they should be producing completed parts soon.


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ixmation CHINA delivered Medical Device Assembly Line

Recently ixmation China got their first very interesting and challenging project in the medical industry — an assembly and testing machine for a pregnancy-testing pen.

The cycle time for this project is 1 second at high speed. The automation technology offers a huge progress compared with the traditional worker assembly line. It definitely reduces the cost and provides more effective production for the customer.
After several days of debugging and testing, the machine operation is stable and reliable. We firmly believe this project has given us important experience in the medical area and has laid a good foundation for future projects.

Medical assembly and testing machine for pregnancy pens.

The ixmation engineers’ team proudly presents the assembly line to the customer.



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ixmation NOTES

New Area Sales Manager at ixmation Switzerland!

We are pleased to inform you that our team ixmation SWITZERLAND will be extended!
Departing on April 2nd, 2012 Mr. René Scheurer will support our sales team as Area Sales Manager. Mr. Scheurer was responsible for four years at our location in Suzhou, China for business development and project management.
His career started as electrical engineer in the automation industry. Since then he has worked for several leading automation companies enhancing his knowledge and performance in software, PLC programming, commissioning of complex automation lines, operator training and service.
Back home, Mr. Scheurer is available at the  ixmation Headquarters in Burgdorf, Switzerland, and is looking forward to support your assembly and helium leak detection projects with all his experience and knowledge.
Mr. Scheurer is looking forward to your contact, from April 2nd, 2012 on.
Direct number: +41 34 420 12 69
Mobile number: +41 79 876 21 27
Postal address: Kirchbergstrasse 189, in 3400 Burgdorf, Switzerland

We wish Mr. Scheurer a good start in good cooperation for the successful realization of your projects.

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ixmation NOTES

For You!

View the new ixmation interactive testero™HLDS (Helium Leak Detection Systems) video. The video shows a version of clean room application for pill boxes. The film and lid of the filled pill boxes are tested for air tightness, marked and sorted in one step. The video takes you on a tour through the machine which will be exposed at the AUTOMATICA 2012 which takes place on May 22nd – 25th at New Exhibition Center Munich.

Visit our booth number 422 in hall A1 and take a closer look at the testero™HLDS while we treat you each day with a different Swiss food treat. We are looking forward to welcome you!


view interactive video

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“Anyone who makes a trip can tell you something….”

Machine commissioning in the middle of one of the coldest winter in Europe

Marc Luginbühl from ixmation Switzerland, had told them before they left Malaysia: “Hello, my friends, its cold over here – and I mean very cold! Bring all your sweaters and jackets fitting your suite case!”
Well, Nick Chin and WP Wong from ixmation MALAYSIA followed his advice but had to find out that a warm Malaysian jacket hardly keeps one warm, if temperatures drop below -15°C (5F) outside.

As they arrived in Aschau, Germany not only Nick Chin, WP Wong and Marc felt cold, the machine probably too, - because it was deep frozen in its shipping box. Good thing that together with the customer team they managed to defrost the machine slowly and could start it up for a successful commissioning.
Besides the winter season Nick Chin and WP Wong experienced the hardy German food such as Schnitzel, potato salad and beer out of a Bavarian Beer Stein.
After finishing the commissioning of the Helium Leak Detection System (HLDS) Nick, KH Chin and WP Wong continued their travels accompanied by Franz Sternegger and Joachim Schrödl to Switzerland. Good thing the weather got slightly warmer, the sun came out and so they could enjoy a stroll through Berne and for their first time taste an original Swiss cheese fondue.
As they say: “Anyone who makes a trip can tell you something….”

Aschau, Germany on one of the coldest winter days in Europe.

Slowly defrosting  the HLDS- Machine  …   

...and first checks if everything is fine

One has to see this big bite of a Bavarian Schnitzel ... (Nick Chin)   

... and drink beer from an origin Bavarian Beer Stein. (ltr. Nick Chin, WP Wong)

WP Wong, Nick Chin (ltr.) exploring Berne...

...and taste Swiss cheese fondue at a chalet restaurant.
(front ltr. Joachim Schrödl & WP Wong)
(back ltr. Franz Sternegger & Nick Chin)



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For You!

ixmation announces the upload of the travel information to all its production sites worldwide.

The travel instructions to the ixmation production sites are now available as PDF-download and as goggle map link in the section: Contact / Location.

No matter which ixmation site you would like to visit, the easy print out pdf or the goggle link will give you detailed and helpful travel information to visit our ixmation locations.  We show you the airport for your convenient arrival and how to get by car to your final destination – the ixmation production site of your choice. For our Chinese location the information is also in Chinese available.
Welcome! to all ixmation productions sites worldwide.

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ixmation invited by the Swiss–Asian Chamber of Commerce

ixmation reports about business experiences in Malaysia

For the third time, Daniel Gilgen, General Manager of ixmation SWITZERLAND, was invited to give  a speech during one of the yearly conferences co-organized by the Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce, the MIDA (Malaysian Investment Development Authority) and econnomiesuisse. This event was honered by the participation of the Minister for International Trade and Industry of Malaysia, the Ambassador of Malaysia to Switzerland, and other dignitaries from the political and economic fields.

The theme of the conference was:
“Malaysia: Your premier business and investment destination in Asia.”
Daniel Gilgen pointed out the unique advantages which ixmation experienced in Malaysia and why this country is so well suited to Swiss companies that are willing to build up a new business in Asia — the “Swiss Way.”
Here are some of Daniel Gilgen’s arguments for why to invest and build up business in Malaysia:

  • MY is a member of the ASEAN Free Trade Area and the WTO
  • Politically stable country with strong support by the local government
  • Tax-saving “High Tech Business Pioneer” status for 10 years 
  • Excellent location to build up business in India, Thailand, Singapore and China
  • Well-educated, skilled staff with English as the main language, and some are even  fluent in Chinese
  • Multicultural teams are ixmation’s key to approach multicultural customers

More than 50 members from the fields of industry, banking, economics and politics showed a great interest in the good and long experience of ixmation in Malaysia.

ixmation has been located in Penang since 2006, and built a new building in Penang Science Park in 2010 for further business expansion in Malaysia. This modern building, powered by its own solar system on the roof, shows ixmation’s strong commitment to the Malaysian government, economy and the Malaysian people.

Daniel Gilgen,

The relaxed atmosphere left room for friendly teasing among the speakers.



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The Auto Expo 2012 — which was held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India — was a thorough success for the organizer and exhibitors alike.

With an average of 100,000 visitors daily over a span of 7 days, there was a lot of interaction between car manufacturers, tier-1 component makers and machine makers.

ixmation MALAYSIA was there with a booth in Hall 1A, under the German Pavilion banner, and drew a lot of interest. The ixmation team included employees from our Special Purpose Machine division and Helium Leak Detection System (HLDS) division, to cater to the needs of Indian automotive component makers for automated systems, testing systems and technical consulting.
For this exhibition, we brought two demo machines to showcase ixmation’s capabilities to the Indian audience: the Single Chamber HLDS machine and a Laser Marking machine. Our visitors were thrilled to know more about our capabilities and at the same time happy to receive a souvenir in the form of a business card holder. The card holders were laser marked by our machine, with details such as the ixmation logo, the customer’s name and company, and lastly an alpha-numeric code that is uniquely assigned to each customer in our database. Overall, the two demo machines drew a lot of potential new customers as well as existing customers to our booth.
The show was a success for both ixmation MALAYSIA and automotive component manufacturers in India. Both got to know each other’s operations and capabilities better — and with these in place, hopefully a partnership will be sealed in the near future.
ixmation would like to take this opportunity to say a big “Dhanyawadh” to our Indian visitors, which means “Thank you” in Hindi!
See you at the next Auto Expo, which will be held in 2014.

The ixmation logo welcomed all visitors at the entrance.

Last touch-ups for booth and the testero™ HLDS.

The ixmation MALAYSIA Team (with orange ties) was visited by a delegation of a well-known German Automotive Tier-1-Component Manufacturer.

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Years End Note 2011

Martin Pfister, CEO ixmation GROUP

Dear visitors,

We look back on a year where lot of disasters shook us awake; just remember the natural and nuclear disaster in Japan, the uprising in the Arab countries Libya, Egypt, and Syria, and overall the global financial crisis, still challenging the world economy and keeping us sleepless. Looking back on the last twenty years, I cannot remember such an accumulation of dramatic occurrences, forcing us all to make fundamental restructures.

In 2011 we saw growth of 300% in China, and at the same time a stagnating market in SE Asia — a challenge not only for ixmation.

Nevertheless we could successfully complete several projects in the Automotive and Medical Device Industry in Malaysia and China where we also received repeat orders and have been chosen for further new projects in 2012.

In the USA is the good news, that we successfully entered and established ourselves in the emerging energy market, acknowledged as an experienced, competitive and reliable assembly line builder. Our customers in the automotive supplier industry seemed to recover as well.

At the end of this year I can say, ixmation NORTH AMERICA grew stronger than the industry average in the USA.

Even though the world economy is tense and no one knows exactly what the future will bring, capital expenditures are still occurring, and there is growing potential in our four key industries.

Furthermore we want to strengthen the cooperation between our customers and all ixmation locations in 2012, to ensure that worldwide projects can be successfully and to the full satisfaction of our customers completed.

I like to bring my gratitude towards to all our shareholders, customers, business partners and suppliers for their trust and cooperation and last but not least to all ixmation employees for their engagement.

Season’s Greetings!

With my best wishes to you and your family for a happy and joyful New Year!

Sincerely Yours

Martin Pfister, CEO ixmation GROUP

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Season Greetings from ixmation

Santa comes also to Malaysia!

The editor team of ixmation was wondering how our Asian friends and colleagues get prepared for Christmas. There we received this delightful contribution from our colleague Sy Ooi. She was attending the art class of her 4 year old daughter Kalyn and sends us these wonderful pictures; the making of a Christmas hat in Malaysia.
Enjoy the pictures and learn: “Ho, ho, ho – Santa is coming to Malaysia! So, you’d better watch out, you better be good!”

On first step Kalyn Cheong (right) and
her classmate Pong Wei Zhe color the Santa face.

Colored and neatly cut Santa faces.

Hmm? What’s missing?

Ah! Some snowflakes may be nice!

Ready for Santa!

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ixmation CHINA delivers biggest project in 2011 to customer side

ixmation CHINA received the PO to build an automation assembly and testing line for a very famous worldwide auto parts company, it is the biggest production line in 2011in the value of over 10 million CNY.

The automation line contains 26 process stations; including demanding processes such as cutting, laser marking and welding. ixmation CHINA engineers and assembly technician did a great job building this  high-tech production line to complete customer satisfaction.
To celebrate theclosing of this successful project ixmation China invited the project team to the famous Yangcheng Lake crab dinner.
Suzhou is home to one of the most popular and delicious seafood varieties you can find. Yangcheng Lake crab is world-famous for its extraordinary taste and nutritive value. Normally, three Yangcheng Lake crabs together weigh about 1 kg, a treat everybody should taste.
The dinner party attended six German gentlemen as well as General Manager Shine Liu, Director of QA & KM Paul Morach, BDM Manager Rene Scheurer, and Sales Manager BK Ooi, as “Thank You” dinner tothe German project team for their helpful technical support based on good cooperation and business relationship.

ixmationCHINA in Suzhou introduces the famous Yangcheng Lake crab to their valued customer.



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Conzzeta Management tours ixmation facility at Roselle/ Chicago.

Representatives from all Conzzeta business units, having a facility in the U.S., attended a Conzzeta Forum in the Chicago area recently.

Every ixmation branch was represented, and the week’s activities for the 55 attendees included a tour of ixmation North America.
During the 1-hour tour, the group saw 12 different machines in various phases of construction. Participants learned about each machine’s function and the type of business it serves. As you might expect, “There were many insightful and intelligent questions from our guests,” reports John O’Hara, Director of Application Engineering for IXNA.

Forum attendees gathered in the IXNA lobby for this group photo.

A presentation for each stop on the tour provided an overview of the machine.

Senior Account Manager Roger Nordy discusses a machine being built for a customer in the solar energy industry.

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For you! The new bilingual ixmation brochure - in English and Chinese - is now available in the download section.

ixmation announces the up load of the new bilingual brochure in English / Chinese in the download section of the homepage The brochure is available as convenient screen PFD-version.


We proudly present the first bilingual ixmation brochure giving an overview to ixmation CHINA capabilities and performances. Have a look and experience the capabilities in Assembly and Testing Automation of our two locations in Suzhou and Tianjin.

Feel free to contact either ixmation Suzhou or Tianjin close to your convenience and have a print version send to your hands – or make a meeting appointment with one of our sales representatives.

If there is anything of your interest or questions to the ixmation assembly and testing experience which may be valuable for your production feel free to contact us. (link contact form).

This link takes you conveniently right to the download section of the new brochure.

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ixmation NOTES

ixmation NORTH AMERICA received a remarkable repeat order for Consumer Goods.

Early in the first quarter of 2011 ixmation received a “Repeat Order” from a leading “Consumer Goods” manufacturer.  This order is part of an ongoing program to deploy “Product Specific Assembly Platforms”.  ixmation has remained the “Preferred Supplier” of this equipment based upon our “Creative Assembly Solutions” and our ability to support the customers “Global Initiatives”. 

These systems employ “Custom Designed Solutions” specific to the requirements of the Product: Segregating & Auto Loading Stackable and Non-Stackable Package Auto Filling, Auto Lidding, Auto Lid Seat Verification, and Auto Unloading.
ixmation looks forward to developing “New Assembly Technologies” with this customer, in an effort to  support their future “Global Manufacturing” requirements.
As our valued customer quoted:
“ixmation has been a valuable partner for us.  Look forward to a successful completion of the current project.”

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ixmation NEWS

ixmation CHINA secured a new project from a worldwide famous medical devices producer this month.

ixmation CHINA was very successful in automotive industry in the past few years trying to diversify into other industries, especially medical industry. With this project secured which complies to GAMP and ISO13485 standarts, ixmation CHINA will make a great breakthrough in this field. The machine line will assemble and test the product with an output of 2 parts in 2 second cycle time.

Sam Shadman - Director of Research & Development of ixmation was personally involved supporting this project with his expertise and experience in medical industry automation and related standard compliance.
ixmation CHINA is ready to expand its market share in medical industry in China.

For our value customer, thank you for your trust and looking forward to continue supporting your worldwide assembly and test automation needs.


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ixmation China Team welcomes its new General Manager in Suzhou!

Mr. Shine Liu’s arrival had been announced to the team by Mr. KC Loh, CEO Asia. On September 14th, ixmation China Team in Suzhou welcomed Mr. Shine Liu in the newly refurbished lobby of ixmation Suzhou. Mr. KC Loh introduced Mr. Shine Liu to his new team during their weekly meeting.

Afterwards he was taken on a guided tour through the offices and the work floors in Suzhou. Mr. Constock Wang, responsible for the Tianjin operation, took the opportunity and introduced Shine Liu to the actual business of the second ixmation location in China.

As a sign of belonging now to the ixmation Group, Mr. KC Loh “decorated” Mr. Shine Liu with the ixmation electronic access card, as it would be a medal. The entire ixmation team welcomes Shine Liu with its best wishes for success and good cooperation!

Shine Liu, GM and member of the ixmation Group.

KC Loh, CEO Asia “decorates” Shine Liu with the ixmation electronic access card.

The ixmation CHINA team gathers in the newly refurbished lobby for a group picture. Front ltr. 4th KC Loh, CEO Asia;6th Paul Morach, Director Quality and Knowledge-Management.

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ixmation announces the new General Manager of ixmation China!

It is our pleasure to present Mr. Shine Liu, the new GM for ixmation operations at Suzhou and Tianjin.

Shine is originally from Shanghai and was educated at Northwestern Polytechnical University, one of China’s premiere engineering schools. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, he holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering, with a focus in welding automation. He spent 11 years with Harbin Research Institute, including 2 years abroad in Canada, then embarked on a career in robotics for another 11-plus years. Mr. Shine Liu’s vast technical background and years of automation experience will enrich ixmation’s highly competent China operations.
Welcome, Shine Liu, to the ixmation Group!

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Remarkable PO for Coil Winding Assembly

ixmation CHINA/Suzhou received a notable order to produce the third set of machines for an important customer in China this year.

The machines are used in coil winding and include a delicate welding process. Utilizing ixmation’s unique production technology, this process exceeds the customer’s requirements in regard to quality and cycle time.
The first set of machines was delivered in spring 2011, under a tight schedule, allowing the customer to improve their production output earlier than expected.
The focus and dedication of ixmation project teams resulted in a purchase order for the second set of machines, which was received in May, just at the time the first set of machines were being installed and commissioned.
BK Ooi, Sales Manager of ixmation CHINA/Suzhou, is confident that the dedicated and focused ixmation team will deliver and commission the third set of machines before December 2011, and looks forward to receiving more orders this year.
“Being customer focused and delivering quality machines ahead of schedule is one of ixmation’s unique selling points, and we have more ideas on how to further improve customer service for all our key customers in China,” says BK Ooi.

Meet the ixsz Project Engineering Team!
From left to right: Dezhi Yu /Mechanical Engineer, Chunyu Wu /Assistant Electrical Engineer, Tiffany Hu/ Sr. Sales Engineer Shaoyong Wang /Assembly Technician, Jerry Wang/ Acting Electrical Engineer; Zanlei Zhou/ Customer Service Engineer

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ixmation at the 14th InterSolar, San Francisco.

ixmation was part of the record breaking 2011 InterSolar show which occurred July 12th to the 14th in San Francisco, California.

Located in one of the larger booths located in the North building the always intriguing Revolution puzzle automation demonstration drew many onlookers who came to appreciate the flexibility and integration capability of ixmation projects. ixmation’s continuing diversity of applications in the Solar market allowed for great exchange of capabilities with the premier Solar product manufacturers who now look at ixmation as a proven automation supplier.

ixmation at the 14th Intersolar, San Francisco. In the back the “Revolution” where an automated Handling solves a “Emerging Energies” puzzle.



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Swiss National Day in Shanghai

Like every year, the Shanghai Swiss Club hosted a party on August 1st in honor of Swiss National Day — an event looked forward to by all Swiss nationals abroad in China.

Friends and acquaintances met and enjoyed talking “Swiss German”. Finally one could tell the newest stories and the latest jokes which are only funny in their native dialect.
Gradually, it began to smell good for all “Swiss noses” – the scent of Cheese-Raclette flowed through the air. Melded Raclette cheese slices nicely decorated with real Swiss Raclette potatoes – which are very small, but very tasty – along with a glass of white wine. What a treat! And big St. Gallener veal sausages sizzled on the barbeque until their skin got golden and crispy. They came with delicious Swiss mustard, dark bread and beer.
Music included favorite Swiss melodies as well as American Big Band and Swing tunes, so there was something for everyone.
The Swiss Ambassador in Shanghai addressed the audience, followed by a recorded speech to the Swiss Nation by the Swiss Federal Councilor, Micheline Calmy-Rey.
Around midnight the joyful festival culminated in spectacular fireworks. “Hopp Schwyz” – see you next year!

Welcome to the Swiss National Day Party at the Swiss Club Shanghai.

ltr.: Marc Luginbühl (ixch) und René Scheurer (ixsz)

ltr.:René Scheurer (ixsz) and his friends enjoy the origine Swiss treats of the party.

Yummy, origine Swiss Cheese Raclette! What a treat!

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ixmation NOTES

IXNA today announced it has secured a Multi-Million Dollar multi-platform automation systems order from a major multinational consumer customer.

The order is from a repeat customer and is for a state of the art automated manufacturing system that will be installed into a manufacturing facility in Asia. ixmation will collaborate from two locations for the manufacture and ultimately the support of these installed manufacturing systems.  ixmation unique capabilities continues to earn us this type of program.  The name of the customer cannot be released due to customer confidentially.

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Manufacturing Expo Thailand 2011

The Manufacturing Expo 2011, Thailand’s Largest Manufacturing and Supporting Industries Event, was well worth to participate for ixmation Malaysia.

This International Exhibition for machines and technologies for industrial parts manufacturing for the key industries: automotive, electronics, plastics, tool and die making, took place in Bangkok at the BITEC Convention Center.
Many key suppliers and exhibitors took the advantage to exchange their manufacturing expertise and took the opportunity to expand their network.
The exhibited ixmation Helium Leak Detection System drew the attention of several key suppliers the field of Automotive applications to the ixmation booth, to discuss the opportunities and performance of the ixmation HLDS to their manufacturing demands.
It was also a pleasure to welcome all the good ixmation customers in Thailand at our booth.
Concluding it is to say: several interesting projects and opportunities made this trade show successful and very satisfying for the ixmation Group.
At this point we like to thank our valued customers for their visit and the interesting dialogues about actual and future projects.
Our appreciation goes to all new visitors to meet us and taking confidence into the ixmation Group capabilities.

The ixmation show team from  ltr.: SH Lee, Sales Coordinator, ixmy; JK Lim, Section Manager of HLDS, ixmy; Kelvin Ong, Sales Engineer of HLDS, ixmy; Jon Ooi, Sales Section Manager, ixmy; Henry Teoh, Sales Section Manager of Thailand, CL Lim, Sales Section Head, ixmy; NermalKaur, Nellie, HR &Admin

ixmation testero™HLDS- One Chamber for HVAC Applications presented by JK Lim, Section Manager of HLDS, ixmy and Henry Teoh, Sales Section Manager of Thailand, ixmy, to a visitor.



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ixmation NOTES

Custom designed for Consumer Goods Manufacturing.

Early in the first quarter of 2011 ixmation received a “Repeat Order” from a leading “Consumer Goods” manufacturer. This order is part of an ongoing program to deploy “Product Specific Assembly Platforms”.
ixmation has remained the “Preferred Supplier” of this equipment based upon our “Creative Assembly Solutions” and our ability to support the customers “Global Initiatives”. 
These systems employ “Custom Designed Solutions” specific to the requirements of the Product: Segregating & Auto Loading Stackable and Non-Stackable Packages consisting of: Auto-Filling, Auto-Lidding, Auto-Lid Seat Verification, and Auto-Unloading. 
ixmation looks forward to developing “New Assembly Technologies” with this customer, in an effort to  support their future “Global Manufacturing” requirements.
“ ixmation has been a valuable partner for us. Look forward to a successful completion of the current project.”

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ixmation Revolution Module at the Intersolar Show in San Francisco, CA (USA)

ixmation presents “Revolution”, developed by ixmation --- a standard modular cell showing the assembly of solar themed puzzles.

Fed along a moving conveyor, the puzzle pieces are located via input from an overhead vision camera coupled with feedback from an encoder on the conveyor drive. The pieces are then picked up (in motion) and assembled to a pallet by the robot, simulating the demanding assembly process common to solar cells, panels, crystalline cell parts or fuel cell stacking. When used for a clean room application, Revolution’s housing is made from stainless steel, and HEPA filters and laminar flow equipment can be installed to meet clean room requirements.

With ixmation’s experience, customized material handling and assembly processes can be built into each assembly cell. From robotic cells to web handling to laser integration, ixmation handles a wide variety of applications --- in the emerging field of alternative energies, as well as in the medical device and consumer electronics field, just to name a few.

Visit us at the Intersolar Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA (USA) at booth #5617 in the North Hall and meet our experts for Solar, PV and Fuel Cell assembly.

Use this link for a free ticket request on our homepage:


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ixmation NOTES

Project “New Generation of Airbag Igniters”

As announced previously in our March news section, the project “New Generation of Airbag Igniters” shows very good progress. After the kick-off meeting at our customer’s facility in Germany, this project was transferred to ixmation Malaysia, where a design review meeting took place in May. The aim was to deepen cooperation and align further project steps. During the meeting Mr. Greg Khoh, the new assigned Sales Manager of ixmation MALAYSIA, was introduced to the ixmation customers.
For a group picture the team gathered in the new, modern lobby of the ixmation MALAYSIA facility.


Front ltr:
Kelvin Ong, Sales HLDS, ixmy; WP Wong, Software Engineer, ixmy; Greg Khoh, Sales Manager, ixmy; Stephan Binsteiner; JK Lim, Head of HLDS ixmy; Franz Sternegger
Back ltr:
Nick Chin, Mechanical Design Engineer, ixmy; HC Ng, Mechanical Design Engineer, ixmy; CH Ong, System Control Engineer, ixmy; Marc Luginbuehl, Sen. Application Engineer, ixc; HW Chan, Sen. Project Engineer, ixmy


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ixmation NOTES

Multi-Module Assemblies for Consumer Electronics

At the end of March 2011 ixmation received a multi-module PO from an important consumer supplier, located in Ohio. The assembly modules for a special print mechanism were kicked off by the project team of ixmation NORTH AMERICA. The manufacturing process contains many complex assembly steps including closed loop vision feedback for precision assembly. The project will eventually be transferred to China, while the realization of design, engineering and building, takes place at ixmation NORTH AMERICA.

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ixmation within strategic partnerships in fuel cell technology and manufacturing

ixmation – a world leader in custom engineered solutions including automated assembly, manufacturing, and test systems – within strategic partnerships with an unnamed, up-and-coming star in fuel cell technology and manufacturing located in Silicon Valley.

ixmation NORTH AMERICA (Roselle, IL) will leverage its 45 years of automation experience to help take this customer from pilot production into full-scale, high-volume manufacturing. In particular, ixmation will design and build equipment to precisely assemble fuel cell stack modules and provide various inspection technologies to ensure the customer’s quality control while scaling to higher production levels.

ixmation’s applications engineering and process development team worked closely with the customer over a long period of time to finalize a design concept that perfectly fit their requirements. R. Michael Farrell, VP of Sales and Marketing for ixmation NORTH AMERICA, states, “We target customers who are ready to take the production of their new technology products into an automated high-volume mode. These technologies and products provide a perfect fit for ixmation as we maintain our corporate direction and strategy for growth in the renewable and alternative energy industries.”

ixmation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Conzzeta Holdings (Swiss Stock Exchange) and supports customers  worldwide with facilities in the USA (Illinois), Malaysia, China and Switzerland.

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Airbag Igniter Project for German Automotive Supplier

A new project in cooperation with a very well-known automotive supplier continues. The ixmation team recently met with the customer’s project team for the kick-off meeting in Aschau, Germany. This cooperation also involves our  HLDS (helium leak detection system) specialist from ixmation MALAYSIA, Mr. JK Lim; M. Alain Perrissoud of Alcatel France; and — last but not least — ixmation SWITZERLAND Area Sales Markus Schwarz and Senior Project Engineer Marc Luginbuehl. The project oversees material and leak testing of metal capsules combined with an automatic supply system for production of a new generation of airbag igniters. The ixmation testero™HLDS will be custom tailored and built by ixmation MALAYSIA, and transferred to the customer’s production site in Germany.Manufacturing an airbag igniter is a highly demanding process.First, the capsules holding the igniter have to be absolutely sealed. The ixmation testero™HLDS then tests the capsules to verify that they are intact and airtight. A “helium sniffing” station sorts out any faults and rejects, while good parts are conveyed to the next station for an electrical resistance test. A placement system categorizes the capsules after testing. It will take several assembly steps until the new generation of airbag is finally ready to be installed in cars, for another life-saving safety system. ltr. Markus Schwarz, Alain Perrissoud, Alcatel France, JK Lim, Head of HLDS Section, ixmation MALAYSIA      General Airbag Function                         ltr. back Günter Lang, Head of Manufacturing Engineering, Konrad Wölfl, Process Engineering Dietmar Kraetke, Process Engineering, Franz Sternegger, Assemblyltr. front JK Lim, Head of HLDS Section, ixmation MALAYSIA, Joachim Schrödl, Process Engineering, Stephan Binsteiner, Head of Igniter Assembly, Markus Schwarz, Area Sales, ixmation SWITZERLAND        Fascinating Technology: slow motion of an airbag ignition

A new project in cooperation with a very well-known automotive supplier continues. The ixmation team recently met with the customer’s project team for the kick-off meeting in Aschau, Germany.

This cooperation also involves our  HLDS (helium leak detection system) specialist from ixmation MALAYSIA, Mr. JK Lim; M. Alain Perrissoud of Alcatel France; and — last but not least — ixmation SWITZERLAND Area Sales Markus Schwarz and Senior Project Engineer Marc Luginbuehl.

The project oversees material and leak testing of metal capsules combined with an automatic supply system for production of a new generation of airbag igniters. The ixmation testero™HLDS will be custom tailored and built by ixmation MALAYSIA, and transferred to the customer’s production site in Germany.
Manufacturing an airbag igniter is a highly demanding process.
First, the capsules holding the igniter have to be absolutely sealed.

The ixmation testero™HLDS then tests the capsules to verify that they are intact and airtight. A “helium sniffing” station sorts out any faults and rejects, while good parts are conveyed to the next station for an electrical resistance test. A placement system categorizes the capsules after testing.

It will take several assembly steps until the new generation of airbag is finally ready to be installed in cars, for another life-saving safety system.


ltr. Markus Schwarz, Alain Perrissoud, Alcatel France, JK Lim, Head of HLDS Section, ixmation MALAYSIA

     General Airbag Function                        

ltr. back Günter Lang, Head of Manufacturing Engineering, Konrad Wölfl, Process Engineering
Dietmar Kraetke, Process Engineering, Franz Sternegger, Assembly
ltr. front JK Lim, Head of HLDS Section, ixmation MALAYSIA, Joachim Schrödl, Process Engineering, Stephan Binsteiner, Head of Igniter Assembly, Markus Schwarz, Area Sales, ixmation SWITZERLAND

       Fascinating Technology: slow motion of an airbag ignition



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ixmation NOTES

Two assembly lines for a Medical Manufacturer.

At the end of 2010 ixmation received two (2) machine orders from an important medical contract manufacturer, located in the greater Chicago land area. The machines are for a custom packaging process with audit test and have been kicked off by the project team of ixmation NORTH AMERICA.
The packaging process controls the bag fill quantity, bag labeling, and also performs an audit test on molded parts. Upon completion of FAT the machines will be shipped to the customers’ production site in France.

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Automation for Medical System Assemblies

Nuclear Implants for Life-Saving Cancer Therapy

Cancer treatment has advanced immeasurably over the past decade. One recent breakthrough is nuclear implants. These tiny devices enable oncologists to deliver tumour-destroying radiation therapy to precise locations in the body. This spares healthy tissues and reduces debilitating side effects.

One such implant is produced on a high-speed automated assembly system designed by ixmation NORTH AMERICA. The assembly consists of a radioactive copper wire inserted into a titanium tube. Titanium end caps hermetically welded onto the ends of the tube. The outside diameter of the tube is 0.032 inch (0.8mm), and the length is 0.176 inch (4.5mm). The system assembles one part every 5 seconds.

John O’Hara, Director of Applications Engineering from ixmation NORTH AMERICA, describes the process as followed: John O’Hara, ixmation NORTH AMERICA.

The system is located in a completely sealed box filled with a 100 percent argon atmosphere. Due to the radioactive nature of the product, all maintenance and operation of the machine must be done through gloves that are built into the box. Because operators can only access the machinery through the glove ports, we designed the system to be as compact as possible. This also minimized the amount of argon needed to fill the box. In addition, we had to specify machine components that would hold up in a radioactive environment.

The system is based on a rotary dial. Tubes and end caps are fed from vibratory feeders, while the copper wire is presented from a tube. All feed and load operations incorporate closed-loop positioning based on input from machine vision systems. The tubes are loaded into a fixture that clamps on their outside diameter. The centre line of the tube is vertical. The inside of the tube is then inspected with a bore scope to ensure its integrity. Keep in mind that the inside diameter of the tube is 0.018 inch (0.46 mm). An end cap is placed onto the top of the tube using linear stages. The placement accuracy of this positioning operation is ±0.002 inch (0.05mm). Upon final positioning of the end cap, an Nd:YAG laser tack-welds it into place. It then completes the weld with a 360-degree seam. The part is stationary, while the laser energy is directed to the seam through rotating optics.

Next, the assembly is flipped over, and the copper wire is inserted into the tube using linear stages. Following the insertion, the assembly is inspected to ensure that the wire is present and fully inserted.

The second end cap is placed onto the top of the tube using linear stages. Like the first end cap, the second is placed with an accuracy of ±0.002 inch (0.05mm). Once the end cap is in place, the laser tack-welds it in place and then finishes the weld with a 360-degree seam. This operation completes the assembly, producing a hermetically sealed container for the radioactive copper wire.

The part is then subjected to a number of high-magnification and high-resolution machine vision inspections. If it passes, the part is off-loaded from the machine into a tray for subsequent processing.

A titanium tube 0.018" in diameter is fixtured for a circumferential seam weld. The assembly is filled with a radioactive isotope for use in nuclear medicine treatments.

Integrated Laser Welding and Vision control system in an ixmation automated assembly for medical applications.

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ixmation NOTES

New order for ixmation MALAYSIA from a German manufacturer of medical xevices

A well-known German manufacturer of medical devices, specializing in syringes and needles, issued an order to ixmation MALAYSIA for the first machine in a number of assembly lines. Production will soon begin in Penang.

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ixmation NORTH AMERICA at the 2011 MDM / ATX West expo

“ixmation NORTH AMERICA increased presence at the 2011 MDM / ATX West expo helps strengthen the continued growth of our west coast markets” says R. Michael Farrell, Vice President Sales and Marketing of ixmation NORTH AMERICA.

The 2011 MDM / ATX West expo provided a significant increase in attendance and overall was much busier than last year’s effort.  From a marketing perspective, compared to last year, a number of companies who exhibited had also expanded their presence as both booth size and content were increased to the levels seen in past years.
The show attendees, continuing an expansion from last year’s show, displayed badges from as far away as Japan and Denmark (international) and many points throughout North America including Canada and Mexico.

The increase in this demographic leads us to believe that companies, with increased project schedules, are providing the opportunity for their project teams to attend trade shows at a higher level.
Conversations with attendees during the show seemed optimistic, most commented that their organizations seemed to have turned the corner, and were concentrating on launching projects in 2011 and 2012. These conversations were very encouraging, it appears to be a trend across many disciplines including Medical, Consumer Goods, and even within the Automotive industry which until recently has been fairly dormant.

Our booth was once again in an excellent location, we were strategically placed right in the middle/front of all the automation and robot suppliers. The increased traffic flow, not only improved our lead count from last year, but will support the momentum started with our continued success from last year’s show.

ixmation at the MDM / ATX West expo

Randy Curtis, Account Manager, Sales Office California

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ixmation NOTES

At the end of 2010 ixmation received a notable PO from an important automotive supplier located in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

The assembly line for a particular seat recliner was kicked off by the project management of ixmation SWITZERLAND. The project was then transferred to ixmation CHINA Suzhou, for quoting, while the realization of engineering and construction will take place at ixmation MALAYSIA.

The manufacturing process contains more than 15 complex assembly steps, including end of the line tests for quality assurance.

In cooperation with ixmation MALAYSIA and CHINA Suzhou, the assembly line will be installed and commissioned at the customer’s production site in Shanghai.

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ixmation Team at Swiebodzin, Poland.

In 2010 ixmation MALAYSIA received a purchase order from one of the most important and well-known German automotive suppliers, to expand an existing assembly machine in Swiebodzin, Poland.

The project will add additional features to the existing machine and also commission a new one.

The machine assembles the so-called “backrest lock” for rear passenger seats. This seat lock is not only convenience features — for folding down the back seat to extend loading space in cars — it’s also a very important safety feature.

During the first week of November, software and mechanical engineers, Fai Zal, CS Low, Abu and AT Low, together with Marc Luginbühl from Switzerland, arrived at Swiebodzin. The first thing they noticed was the weather — rainy, snowing and very, very cold. The second was that hardly anyone could speak English, which made conversation not very easy. Nevertheless, ixmation employees are pioneers, and cannot be scared by language barriers!

A “Survival Book” was established with the most important English vocabulary translated via Polish researched on the internet.

For example:

Menu of the day                      menu dnia
Circuit switch                           przełącznikobwodu
Main fuse                                głównybezpiecznik
May I have a beer, please?      czymogęprosić o piwo, proszę?

Many thanks to the Google translator, at this point!

While the ixmation engineers were staying in Swiebobzin, another spectacular event took place.
A 36 meter (118 feet) high Christ statue, which is built on a small hill near the town, was completed.  This statue will become a significant pilgrimage destination in the future.

In the end the work was done, the machines are running to the satisfaction of the customer, and our Malaysian colleagues looked forward to returning home to warmer temperatures.



ltr: Marc Luginbühl ixch, CS Low, Abu, AT Low, Fai Zal ixmy

Lock Back Rest to hold the passenger seat backrest in cars.

The ixmation Survival Book - version English – Polnish.

The giant Christ statue at Swiebodzin.

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Sunshine Capture by ixmation

by KK Lai

ixmation corporate responsibility and commitment to the environment

Among many other products, ixmation builds custom assembly systems for the solar energy industry. The company, which has built many machines that assemble the type of solar array illustrated below, is now using these products itself. ixmation’s new facility in Penang Science Park, Prai, Malaysia is committed to the company’s stance on the environment and corporate responsibility to promote a greener Malaysia. The facility has “walked the talk” by designing an energy-efficient building that includes a solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

ixmation Malaysia’s Solar PV system

Photovoltaics (PV) is the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity. The term combines the Greek word for light, “photon,” with the unit for electric potential, “volt”.

ixmation’s PV array is an impressive 169.727kWp system made up of 938 new CIGS technology solar modules. Thanks to a specially designed roof cover, these unique cylindrical units each provides a 360-degree photovoltaic surface, for a total of 1200 square meters capable of capturing and converting direct, diffuse and reflected sunlight into electricity.

This is the first installation of its kind in Malaysia.

Avoides up to 140 tonnes of CO2 per year

ixmation’s PV system is designed to provide approx. 225MWh of energy yearly. The energy generated will feed into the building’s electrical grid and directly replace imported electricity. This will save the company approximately RM58’000 (based on RM0.26/kWh - Medium Voltage General Industrial Tariff) per year, but more importantly, reduce the carbon footprint by approx 139.5tonnes of CO2/year (equivalent to flying 70 round trips Malaysia - Switzerland).

System works on grid connection basis

Because this is a grid-connected system, no batteries are needed to store the solar electricity. During daylight hours, the energy generated feeds directly into the building’s main AC distribution board to reduce the use of electricity from the grid. If there is excess energy — for example, when there is a factory shutdown — the energy will flow back into the grid. This set-up combines the comfort of a grid connection and the power of solar electricity.



Rated system power


Expected energy yield

Approx. 185MW

CO2 savings

Approx. 139’500 kg/year

Solar module

Cylindrical CIGS Panel

(CIGS is CuInGaSe2 = Copper, Indium, Gallium, and Selenium)

Construction type

Retrofit on metal roof


Solar tubes as far as the eye can see. The system covers the entire roof of the ixmation MALYASIA building.

Glances at the special grid mounting of the tubes which enables the capturing of light in a 360 degree angle.

A close look to the solar tubes. A 45m long ixmation automation system assembled and tested these tubes.

Not only from technical point of view are these tubes are special – from point of beauty - mirroring the sun light.

KK Lai, General Manager ixmation MALAYSIA


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Season’s Greetings from ixmation!

As a good and long tradition, the ixmation NORTH AMERICA Christmas card is designed by the children of the employees.

By age the children - grouped from age 3 to 5, from 6 – 8 years and from 9 to 12 years - send in their most lovely drawings for the concourse of the nicest Christmas card design, which will be transferred to a card format and sending out to all customers and clients.
We would like to give all of you the opportunity to visit the ixmation Christmas Gallery and view the delightful art of our children with our best wishes.
A Merry Christmas to everybody! A happy New Year to all the world! May your holidays and new year be filled with happiness!

ixmation Christmas Gallery 2010

1st Rang: Kaya Schaffer, Age 5

2nd Rang: Aurora Gaic, Age 5

Taylor Schaffer, Age 5

Addison Schaffer, Age 5

Noel Maina, Age 4

Martyna Szwejkowski, Age 5

1st Rang: Victoria Piela, Age 6

2nd Rang: Robert Tkaczyk Jr, Age 7

Jared Hecimovich, Age 7

Adrian Szwejkowski, Age 7

Kelly Loghry,  Age 6

Aidan Ohara,  Age 7

1st Rang: Dominika Tkaczyk, Age 9

2nd Rang: Kamil Misiaszek, Age 12

Alyssa Coletta, Age 12

Ethan Maina, Age 9

Faye Barry, Age 12

Maggie Ohara, Age 10

Gabby Eckert, Age 9

Nigel Schwarz, Age 9

 Megan Loghry, Age 9

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2010 Years End Note from Martin Pfister, CEO ixmation group

Penang, Malaysia, December 2010

Time is flying and I'm again surprised how quickly the year went by. As all of you know, 2010 did not start well. The signs of economic recovery were far away in the beginning of this year. All of us stand strong and sturdy by the steering wheel to get our "Ship ixmation" into the right heading.

Although we are facing challenging times I am filled with enthusiasm and confidence for the future. In recent months as I have visited our five locations I always left refreshed and optimistic. I have only to talk with my wonderful staff and realize the great work they do building up trust and understanding between all our entities and production sites, supporting our customers to solve their production challenges, and building up a strong foundation for a long-term relationship.

More than ever I am convinced, as I enter my eighth year with Conzzeta and my sixth year with ixmation, that our mission is strong and we will develop our business to be Nr. 1 or 2 in the world of assembly and test automation.This is evident on a daily basis as I work with more than 350 staff members, serving more than 100 customers.

Let me share with you my thoughts from some years ago in Switzerland, on a late September day. While my family and I enjoyed the barbeque, beautiful weather, mothers playing with their children and families reuniting, I reflected on my career in the engineering profession and was reawakened to why I entered this field over twenty years ago.

As a young man in a time of need I reached out to my father's business who became my long term mentor and teacher. He taught me that a person’s internal and external life is neither a fact nor a given. Feelings are not facts — they are constructions with a thousand possible shapes. But if life lacks curiosity, compassion, commitment, and competency, it is a life of over-involvement in itself, a life without others.

That’s what our staffs provide — this kind of commitment and inspiration to our customers — every single day!

As we end the year I want to thank the Board of Conzzeta, my management, and my staff for all your support, your commitment, and your efforts to make ixmation successful.

I wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas time, and a great, successful step into 2011.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all of you!”

Yours sincerely

Martin Pfister

CEO ixmation group


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ixmation Announces the Renaming of their Worldwide Units

ixmation, one of the worldwide leading providers of automated assembly and testing equipment, has announced the renaming of the four production ixmation sites.

The ixmation group is comprised of six locations serving continental and global industries, with production facilities located in the United States, Malaysia, Thailand, two sites in China, and finally the ixmation Headquarter in Switzerland. A total of more than 300 specialists are developing and building reliable assembly and testing lines.

ixmation assembly lines with integrated testing systems are reliable worldwide, constituted for challenging assembly tasks in the automotive, medical, alternative energy, consumer goods and electronics fields.

ixmation NORTH AMERICA (formerly ixmation COX systems) has been offering custom-manufactured, turnkey automated solutions for assembly, material handling, test equipment and packaging lines for over 40 years. This North American division serves customers including, but not limited to, leading automotive components suppliers, consumer goods manufacturers, electronics, medical technology and high-tech sectors. In addition, ixmation NORTH AMERICA readily supports the alternative energy industry in the production of fuel cells and other high-tech energy storage solutions.  In March 2010 ixmation NORTH AMERICA relocated to its new, larger facility, which boasts 80’000 sq. ft. and is located at 31 Presidential Drive, Roselle, IL 60172, USA.

ixmation MALAYSIA, founded in 1988 (formerly ixmation Excel systems), is your partner for automation systems in Penang, Malaysia. ixmation MALAYSIA provides expertise in manufacturing solar and leak-detection systems for global customers in the alternative energy, medical and automotive industries.  ixmation MALAYSIA celebrated  September 2010 the grand opening of a new and trendsetting 40’ 000 sq. ft. facility located in Penang Science Park, Plot 313, Lorong Perindustrian Bukit Minyak 18, 14100 Pulau Pinang. This new building offers three floors with modern offices and two large semi-separated assembly floors, which meet the high demands of today’s assembly and production requirements.

The facility’s roof is equipped with a solar integrated system, produced on an ixmation MALAYSIA, automated System delivering 240 Mw per year and covering one-quarter of their annual energy needs.  

ixmation CHINA/Suzhou, located near Shanghai, and ixmation CHINA/Tianjin, located near Beijing, offers engineering, design and manufacturing solutions for automated assembly and production lines as well as test systems. Their main customers are in the electronics, telecommunications and automotive sectors. The two locations in China represent ixmation’s significant increased presence in the growing Asian market.

ixmation SWITZERLAND is the headquarters of the ixmation group, and is responsible for business development and applications engineering in Europe. The office is located at 3400 Burgdorf, Switzerland.  The central European location of ixmation SWITZERLAND enhances the cooperation between globally active companies based in Europe, with ixmation entities and production sites on three continents, providing better service support to our customers worldwide.

Visit our homepage, www., to see additional technology features and also read about ixmation business and internal activities at our sites on three continents.

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ixmation Links Strategic Agreement with Solaria for Solar Module Manufacturing Automation

by Randy Curtis, Account Manager; Nor Cal Office, ixmation NORTH AMERICA

Roselle, IL — ixmation NORTH AMERICA, a global supplier of custom automation and assembly systems, and Solaria Corporation, a California-based manufacturer of cost-effective photovoltaic modules for utility scale tracking applications, have entered into a multi-year, strategic sourcing partnership.


Solaria solar modules combine the benefits of a traditional crystalline silicon module with substantial cost reductions through innovations in optical design and manufacturing technology.


ixmation will design and build multiple systems over the next several years to help Solaria Corporation take its solar module product line into very high-volume production. 
ixmation systems will be delivered, installed and supported in Solaria facilities worldwide.


According to R. Michael Farrell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ixmation NORTH AMERICA, “This is a continuation of our corporate strategy to leverage nearly 45 years of automation experience and apply that expertise to the renewable energy industry.  For the past eight years, solar has been one of our top two revenue markets and the processes line up with our prior experience very well. 
ixmation welcomes Solaria as a customer and true strategic partner.”


Dan Shugar, CEO of Solaria stated, “We evaluated several automation alternatives and ultimately chose ixmation due to their strong engineering capability for developing an innovative solution to cost-effectively scale our technology. Their stability, track record and responsiveness also played an important role in our selection.  We look forward to continuing our partnership.”


For more information see and


Solaria Module Series: Frameless Version of Mono- Crystalline Solar Panels

Solaria Module Series: Framed Version of Mono- Crystalline Solar Panels

Randy Curtis, Account Manager; Nor Cal Office, ixmation NORTH AMERICA


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Visiting Tianjin

On Nov. 3rd, 2010 Martin Pfister, CEO ixmation Group and K.C. Loh, CEO ixmation Asia visited ixmation Tianjin on their regular term.

The ixmation entity in Tianjin is constantly developing and growing also in numbers of employees.Cissy Hu, HR ixmation China and Constock Wang, ixtj Sales Manager prepared a very interesting work shop to improve the skills of ixmation Tianjin team further more. Short and mid term strategies as well as the development and improvement of Sales skills and Project Management had been trained while both CEO’s shared their vast experiences with the team. Appropriate to the good and inspiring atmosphere the ixmation Tianjin team prepared a very special and famous dish from the Tianjin area; dumplings with the meaningful name “GO BELIEVE”.The young team enjoyed this encouraging and work shop very much and made them believe even more in their strength and confidence. The visit of Martin Pfister and K.C. Loh left a high motivated team at ixmation Tianjin, ready and eager to support global customers with the well proven ixmation assembly technology in the Tianjin area. 

Meet the ixmation Tianjin Team: ltr. Back row: Donald Yang- Electrical Engineer Supervisor/ Wei Liang- Mechanical Engineer/ Zlatan Ren- Electrical Engineer/ KC Loh- Asia CEO/ Martin Pfister- Group CEO/ Sunny Li- Purchasing officer/ Karen Wang- Sales Officer/ Cissy Hu- Head of HR&Admin/ Fengjuan Dong- Finance Officer

ltr. front row: Peter Liu- Sr. Mechanical Engineer/ Heng Yang- Mechanical Engineer/ Zhigao Ren- Mechanical Engineer/ Hongping Yuan- Assembly/ Constock Wang- Sales Manager

Go Believe is one of the three special Tianjin snacks. It's well known by people all over China. It would be a pity if a visitor left Tianjin without trying the Go Believe.

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Grand Opening of the new ixmation facility at Penang, Malaysia

The official grand opening of the new facility took place on September 17th honored by the presence of the right honorable Chief Minister of Penang, Y.A.B Lim Guan Eng, the Ambassador of Switzerland to Malaysia, his Excellency Dr. Urs Stemmler, Mr. Jacob Schmidheiny, Chairman of the Board of Directors Conzzeta AG and Mr. Robert Suter, CEO Conzzeta AG, Switzerland.

In history more than 25 years ago an Automation company called EXCEL Precision started its business in Penang. The business prospered very well. Success and excellence draw this attention as far as Switzerland and was then acquired by ixmation in the year of 2006.

ixmation MALAYSIA expanded to a trendsetting new building in Penang Science Park. The new facility has 42’000 square feet over three levels of offices and with two large assembly floors.

The ixmation building rooftop holds a “State of the Art” 3rd Generation solar tube collector system, which is today’s most modern and efficient one. The commitment of ixmation to Green Energy led to the cooperation between experienced partners and the therefore needed backend machine was build in Penang by ixmation MALAYSIA. The full top roof solar system creates 225’000 KWh per year for the building, while subsequently 139’500 kg of carbonate dioxide (CO2) per year can be avoided.

Since the ixmation company is a Swiss based company a big cow bell had been handed over to the right honorable Chief Minister of Penang, KC Loh, CEO ixmation Asia and to the Ambassador of Switzerland to Malaysia, his Excellency Dr. Urs Stemmler.

For your understanding, one has to know that the cow bell is a traditional gift in Switzerland given at special occasions like this opening ceremony. The cow bell in Switzerland is normally used to trace down the free roaming cattle in the Swiss Alps, but also in tournaments to encourage and cheer for ones favorite team.  Martin Pfister, CEO ixmation Group handed these bells over in right such meaning to cheer on the kind presence of the right honorable Chief Minister of Penang, the CEO ixmation Asia and his team, as well as to the Ambassador of Switzerland to Malaysia, his Excellency Dr. Urs Stemmler.

The ceremony took on with the ribbon cutting in front of the lobby door and the signing of a placard by the right honorable Y.A.B Lim Guan Eng, Mr. Jacob Schmidheiny, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Conzzeta Switzerland and  Martin Pfister, CEO ixmation Group.

In the subsequent press conference gave the opportunity to arise questions towards the entire VIPs including Y.A.B Lim Guan Eng.

At the facility tour one could take a closer look into the “amazing world of ixmation” its high solution assembly and test automation, as well as the opportunity to meet and socialize with its dedicated employees and partners during the luncheon.

A surprising present, a Swiss cow bell on a embroidered leather band.
ltr.: KC Loh, Martin Pfister, Dr. Urs Stemmler, Jacob Schmidheiny, his Excellence Prime Minister of Penang, Robert Suter

Everyone was waiting for the ribbon cutting to open the entrance to the new building.
ltr.: Jacob Schmidheiny, his Excellence Prime Minister of Penang, Robert Suter

With their best wishes to a prosper future his Excellence Prime Minister of Penang, Jacob Schmidheiny and Martin Pfister sign the honour placard.

With his best wishes for a prosper future Jacob Schmidheiny, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Conzzeta AG, Switzerland signs the honour placard.

Jacob Schmidheiny and his Excellence Y.A.B Lim Guan Eng listen to the explanation of KC Loh, CEO Asia about one of the show machines.

Martin Pfister explains the advantages of the solar tube system on the roof top of the new building.

On the tour through the new assembly halls modern toys show the basic function of alternative energies like Fuel Cell, Wind Energy and Photovoltiac.

Two young ixmation engineers show the basic function by alternative energy powered toys.

Martin Pfister answers to journalist questions regarding the building, the solar system and the future plan of ixmation in Penang.

During the press conference journalist asked about the new energy concept of „First Malaysia Green and Clean”, which was established by his Excellence.

The new ixmation building is remarkable during day time…

...and illuminated at night as well.

The entrance is decorated by a fountain created from the ixmation logo.

On this screen the energy production figures of the solar tube system are shown.

After the ceremony KC Loh and Martin Pfister awaiting with their guests the transfer to the hotel.

A part of the ixmation team gathers in the lobby in front of the ixmation logo.
ltr.: Charissa, SH Lee, LY Tan, Debbie Lai, Jennifer and GS Kwang

The wide range of products are presented to the ixmation guests.

The assembly for hard disk polishing “Unicorn 3” was presented by ixmation engineers.

Our partner for vacuum pumps in India and BK Ooi, ixmation.

CL Lim (middle) presents the Single Chamber Vacuum System with his team.

The interesting displays in the exhibition area created interesting dialogues and new contacts.

The VIP table for the luncheon.

The guests have been entertained by traditional dances.

Freshly baked Indian bread is part of the Malaysian cooking.

Barbecued “Swiss Bratwurst”

Watch also the video from the opening ceremony in Penang.

Martin Pfister and Robert Suter are pleased about the well organized opening ceremony.

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ixmation at the North America’s Intersolar 2010

Watch the official Intersolar video report, including the interview with Randy Curtis, ixmation COX systems. Dedicated to demanding assembly technologies and the strong experienced involvement in manufacturing processes for alternative energies, such as solar, fuel cell and photovoltaic, ixmation participates, since the founding of the Intersolar in 2008.

The Intersolar North America takes place annually in San Francisco’s Moscone Center West Hall.
This exhibition provides a wide
platform for the solar industry in North America. Intersolar North America focuses on photovoltaic and solar thermal technology and has very quickly established itself among manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and service providers as an international industry meeting point.

Take a look at our video.

Follow this link for more information about the Intersolar 2010, San Francisco:

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Automatica 2010, Munich Germany

The event in Europe for Automation Systems. The exhibitors summed up the results as positive and are looking optimistically to the future and the current year 2010, following the difficult year of 2009.

On 64qm ixmation presented the Single Chamber HLDS testero helium, an ixmation European Premier! HLDS stands for “Helium Leak Detection System”- a testing system to prove the absolute hermetic seal of parts and devices.

The “Revolution”, developed by ixmation can be equipped with custom tailored handling systems built into each cell. From robots to grippers to high speed continuous motion, just to name a few applications. Both machines and the fact that ixmation is one of the rare providers of production units’ world wide with a European based contact platform for projects, drew a high visitor attention to our booth.

ixmation was also honoured by the visit of the Chief Minister of Penang Mr. Lim Guan Eng and his delegation, invited by Martin Pfister, CEO ixmation Group, to see for him self the high qualified automation and HLDS solutions of the ixmation Group.

More than 50 persons participated in our quiz game by matching the building photos of our world wide production units to the country they are located. Happily we could surprise the participations with an immediate reward – the prize of a nifty ixmation pen set.

Concluding it is to say; several interesting projects and opportunities made this trade show successful and very satisfying for the ixmation Group.

At this point we like to thank our valued customers for their visit and the interesting dialogues about actual and future projects.
Our appreciation goes to all new visitors to meet us and taking confidence into the ixmation Group capabilities.

These “most loyal ixmation visitors” (left) showed day and night interest in our competences.

Area Sales Manager Markus Schwarz, (left) in
discussion with KC Loh, CEO ixmation Asia.

Ltr.: Daniel Gilgen, GM Switzerland and Marc Luginbühl,
Sen.Applic.Eng. ixch

For our customers with global projects we provide production sides world wide.

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Your up date on the construction progress of the building in Penang, Malaysia.

Time flies! All workers are challenged to get the building finished in time.

Even if it might look on a first sight things are not rapidly progressing the progress is quite significant. If you like we take you on a backstage tour. Touring the back stage of our construction area Europeans may get once and a while puzzled because of the special and very different building style. The brick walls between the concrete pillars looks kind of deficient, because there is not much plaster seen between the bricks - but this is the smart trick to these walls. The gabs between the bricks let the air ventilate and at the same time the space between the walls and the outer facing cause a so called “chimney – effect” to transfer moister and heat between the brick walls and the outside facades up to roof slots. Believe me, this is a very smart and efficient way to keep house dry in spite of the 31% humidity of the tropical Malaysian climate. See you soon on our next construction tour.

The walls have been closed with the special bricks

The steel beams of the roof construction have been set.


The steel girders for the outside facing are already in place.



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For you! The new ixmation brochures are now available in the download section.

ixmation announces the up load of the new brochures in the download section of the homepage All brochures available as convenient screen PFD-version.

We present the ixmation Corporate Brochure giving an overview to ixmation worldwide production sites experiences and capabilities in Assembly and Testing Automation.

New as a first edition you find the ixmation “HLDS testero helium” brochure which informs you about the technical competence of ixmation Helium Leak Detecting Systems, either as Full integrated HLDS into production lines or custom tailored HLDS for manually, semi- and full automated tests and last but not least as a stand alone version for batch testing.

Also as a first edition the “Fuel Cell” brochure is available. For the manufacturing and assembly of cylindrical and prismatic cells ixmation has developed, supported and handled several projects successfully. The new brochure gives you an introduction of ixmation engineering and production solutions.

The brochure regarding the “Alternative Energies” became a fresh up and is also worth a download.

Feel free to contact your ixmation site close to you to have a print version send to your hands – or make a meeting appointment with one of our sales representatives.

If there is anything of your interest or questions to the ixmation assembly and testing experience which may be valuable for your production fell free to contact us. (link contact form). This link takes you conveniently right to the download section of the new brochures.

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For you! The new ixmation performance video is now available in the download section.

ixmation announces the up load of the ixmation performance video in the download section of the homepage The video can be either downloaded or viewed on our home page.

The video invites you to tour through the complex assembly and manufacturing experiences of ixmation. If there is anything of your interest or questions to the ixmation assembly and testing experience which may be valuable for your production fell free to contact us.

No matter where you are, we can be contacted in all industrialized regions, either through a representative office or any of our ixmation facilities, we are here to support your global assembly projects through the entire production process with our high quality automation systems.

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Kick-Off- Meeting at TRW Aschau, Germany

Global Project Management – Asia meets Europe

Global Project Management: “Kick-Off” meeting at TRW, Aschau, Germany, for the new project “Seat Belt Power Unit”.
by Jacky NG

Customer relationship in the global market asks for special actions. For ixmation, it is a very common procedure that the project teams involved get to meet each other, as well as the project discussed.
Arriving from ixmation Suzhou for a kick-off meeting: René Scheurer, Business Develop Manager ixsz, Jack NG, Project Manager, ixsz, and Ricky Huang, Design Engineer, ixsz for a first stop in Switzerland. At the offices in Burgdorf they prepared themselves for the “Kick-Off” meeting at TRW, Aschau, Germany.

Together with Thomas Bleicher, Mechanical Engineering TRW Airbag Systems GmbH, Gunter Lang, Head of Manufacturing Engineering and the ixmation crew took a one weeks start up workshop to align technical issues, design engineering and organizational tasks for the new project “Seat Belt Power Unit”.

Visiting TRW, the ixmation Suzhou China members understood more about the product criteria, customer requirement and the processes to build the safety seat belt assembly line. From the in direct communication with TRW experts, regarding technical concerns and useful advice, we will benefit before starting the design and brings us to the same mission and the same goal.

Our discussion created a harmonious environment, we felt like a family during the meeting. The customer has been shown the efficiency and fast responds to us. This trip makes us feel close. Mr Thomas Bleicher and Gunter Lang took us on a tour through the production floors, purposely to help us more understand the product and processes. This visit was very impressive and we felt highly respected to what we saw. We took great benefit out of this trip and also enjoyed the meeting. This trip made us feel close to, not only TRW Germany but also ixmation Switzerland.

After one of those hard working and successful days Mr. Bleicher and Gunter Lang took the ixmation crew on a round trip to explore the town of Aschau and the beautiful landscape of “Bavaria Chiemgau”.

We visited the historical village ”Mühldorf” to see the famous, traditional beer brewery restaurant “Geigerhaus” of the “Spaten Brauerei”. This brewery restaurant is not only well known for the excellent beer, but for their traditional Bavarian dish: “Weisswurst, Brezen and Beer.”

I want to take this opportunity to say, that ixmation Suzhou (China) was very appreciative of the support from corporate TRW Germany and ixmation Switzerland.
"Cheers to you my friends...!” 

Jacky NG
Project Manager
ixmation China Suzhou

ltr: René Scheurer, ixsz Business Development, Ricky Huang, ixsz Design Engineer, Marc Luginbühl, ixch Sen. Application Mgmt., Jacky NG, ixsz Project Manager at the ixch facilities.

In the back the towers of the old district of Aschau can be seen.

The ixmation team at the shore of the river “Inn”.

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Well, looks like this is becoming a building.

The progresses on the ixmation building grounds are remarkable.

As you can see all the foundation and pillars are set and the beams for the first floor are installed. Now one can better imagine how big the building and the surrounding work areas will be – a good concept to providing all the space for future development and production projects, but also convenience for employees and visitors. There will be covered parking lots for cars and even motor cycles to protecting vehicles before the tropical climate.

Check in next month and see how the ixmation building in Malaysia is proceeding.

Te first floor columns are build the architect and the construction supervisor discussing the planning procedures of the day.

The first floor slabs are build.

The foundation for the covered motor cycle parking lots.



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New ixmation Malaysia building is progressing!

See the pictures and let us update you on the construction progress of a very special building.

If one looks at the pictures one can easily imagine the hard work conditions on the building grounds.

The rainy season usually ends in February, but not this year.

The weather was hot and very muggy; humidity often more than 80% and the temperatures around 31°C. Three to four times a day heavy rain showers stop the works at the grounds. Considering the weather conditions the progress of the building is remarkable.

We keep you up dated! Come and see the next progresses in May!

Quick unload before the next showers come up

Fundament setting for the porduction area

Fundaments being lined out and shafted



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ixmation Malaysia Ground-breaking Ceremony

Previously we reported about the tightness of the production floors at ixmation Malaysia, now it was decided to realize the construction of a new building in Penang.

The new facility will have 4000 square meters over three levels for offices and production floors.

On the top of the roof a solar system will provide the entire electricity needed for the air conditioning of the rooms and work floors.

Frequently we will inform you about the construction progress of the building.

Take a minute to check once and a while our news section to see the building “growing” and participate in the count down to the big opening ceremony on September 17th 2010.


Signs are set to give a brief overview of building and constructors.

The ixmation Malaysia Team in front of the actual building.

Out side front from right: Martin Pfister CEO ixmation Group, KC Loh CEO ixmation Asia and JK Lim LDS Section Head and their teams.

First material delivered to the grounds.

Try'n error

Hand crafted

Shafting for pillars

First pillars

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Grand opening of the new facility of ixmation COX systems.

Ribbon cutting ceremony on March 12th, 2010, Roselle, Illinois, USA. ixmation COX systems, the North American division of ixmation’s global network, recently celebrated the grand opening of its new, larger facility. Located just west of Chicago, Illinois, the 5-mile (8km) move increased the company’s operating space by nearly 50 percent.

The building at 31 Presidential Drive in Roselle, Illinois, boasts 80,000 square feet (7432 square meters) of combined warehouse and office space, all freshly scrubbed and painted. The machine shop and assembly floor are spacious and well organized, as are the offices.  All 130+ ixmation COX employees are very pleased with their new workplace.

The move was complete by March 1, 2010, and the grand opening celebration was held on March 12th.  In addition to the U.S. staff, ixmation CEO Martin Pfister and CFO Edi Joho were in attendance, as was KC Loh, ixmation Business Development Manager and CEO of ixmation Asia. Mike Macsek, CEO/President of ixmation COX systems, was very pleased to welcome his colleagues to the new facility and have them participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The ixmation COX system crew ready to celebrate the successful relocation and looking forward to their new working places.

ltr.: Mike Macsek, CEO/President of ixmation COX systems,
Martin Pfister, CEO ixmation Group.

Martin Pfister, CEO ixmation Group cuts the ribbon applaued by employees and guests.

Welcome to the new ixmation COX systems reception!

ltr.: KC Loh, CEO ixmation Asia, Mike Macsek, CEO/President ixmation COX systems, Martin Pfister, CEO ixmation Group, Edi Joho, CFO ixmation Group.


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ixmation COX systems

Have a look and see our company moving on March 1st, 2010. Roselle, IL – ixmation COX systems, a part of a global network of automation solution providers known as ixmation, has completed their relocation from their former Bloomingdale, IL based operation into a new larger facility located within the Roselle Commerce Center in Roselle, IL.

The new 80,000 square foot facility will afford ixmation COX systems the ability to provide a greater degree of service to our current and prospective customers.   In order to provide a seamless transition for our customers, ixmation COX systems has made the decision to retain their current phone and fax numbers.

About ixmation COX systems
From humble beginnings in 1965, COX systems has worked deliberately to achieve a premier status as a world-class automation supplier.  The early years were comprised of ventures in part feeding.  This led to mechanisms, which eventually led to stations, and then stations blended into assembly lines.  Today our turnkey solutions include a broad range of equipment installations around the world.
By aggressively embracing the future, COX systems has been shaped into what it is today, an organization full of bright and talented people motivated by unique challenges in the automation industry.

High precision job!

A matter of balance! 

Slow move of heavy loads.  

Ready to go!  

Last pieces - by, by Bloomingdale!

Be cool! ltr.:Chuck Baker and Mike Zakas

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Innovative Ideas to Created Additional Production Space.

Several Large Orders Cause Demand for More Space. Due to world economic recovery since 2nd half of year 2009, IXMY managed to take in several large orders. Production spaces become the main challenge to be considered due to these demands.

Our existing production floor space is around 4500 sq ft. Considering the new incoming order, we need additional 8000 sq ft! We have two options, first are to rent from other factory or second to expand our existing production floor.

After considered few factors like logistic, security, costing and facilities readiness, we have decided to expand our existing production floor space inside our premises.

We have a small piece of land behind our factory which used to be our “football field” after working hours. Due to time pressure, we quickly arrange civil contractor to clear the area, start to lay the concrete floor and erect the steel structure for temporary production floor. Even with the bad weather condition we manage to complete the construction within 3 weeks time!

We used white canvas externally and white plywood internally as temporary wall, thus we name it our “white house”. The temporary production floor is paint with epoxy paint, fully air conditioning, equip with fire extinguisher, compresses air and all the necessary power supply for project usage.

With the erection of the “white house” we manage to complete the first order and delivered to our customer on time. Currently we are in progress for second order inside the same “white house”, we even have our year 2009 annual dinner inside the “white house”!

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ixmation COX systems announces relocation of the USA / Chicago based operations

ixmation’s commitment to being one of the leading providers worldwide of automated assembly and production solutions.

ixmation COX systems, a part of the global network of automation solution providers known as ixmation, announces the relocation of their USA / Chicago based operations from its current location in Bloomingdale, IL into a new larger facility located within the Roselle Commerce Center in Roselle, IL. Operations will begin in the new facility March 1, 2010.

The new 80,000 square foot facility will afford ixmation COX systems the ability to provide a greater degree of service to our current and prospective customers.

“The moving to this new facility, coupled with the 2010 opening of a newly constructed 40,000 square foot facility located in Penang, Malaysia, is another example of ixmation’s commitment to being one of the leading providers worldwide of automated assembly and production solutions,” said Mike Macsek, President of ixmation COX systems.

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ixmation at the MDM / ATX West Show, Anaheim, IL February 08th – 11th , 2010

“ixmation continued participation in the MDM / ATX West show supports our increased presence and continuing successes in the west coast markets”

The 2010 MDM / ATX West show was very well attended and seemed much busier than last year.  Our overall perspective, compared to last year, was that most companies who exhibited booths seemed to have been operating on limited budgets as both booth size and content were reduced. 

However when it came to the show attendees, in stark contrast to last year’s show, we saw badges from as far away as NC, NY, and NJ and many others including Guadalajara, Mexico.  Their presence leads us to believe that at least those companies with project budgets provided for the opportunity to attend the show.  

Conversations with other attendees during the show seemed optimistic, most commented that their organizations seemed to be turning the corner, and were looking forward to launching projects in 2010 and 2011. This was encouraging!  We are pleased to say that this appeared to be the trend across all disciplines including Medical, Consumer Goods, and the Green Technologies industry.

Our booth was in an excellent location this year; we were strategically placed right in the middle/front of all the automation and robot suppliers.  Visitors would come into our hall, proceed straight down the aisle, and walk into our booth. The increased traffic flow, not only improved our lead count from last year, but enhanced the momentum that was started with our increased west coast presence and our successes from last year’s show.

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ixmation at the Auto EXPO India 2010

“The show was a great success for ixmation and I’m very pleased by the performance of our ixmation crew.” stated KC Loh, CEO of ixmation Asia.

“Being placed in the German Pavilion at hall 15c was the perfect location for the ixmation booth”.
Especially the demonstration of the ixmation Leak Detecting System raised the interest of visitors and exhibitors.

Leak detecting with Helium in vacuum chambers, provides not only the consumer protection thru quality assurance, but these tests also ensure the safe long-term use of refrigerator aggregates, air conditioning in cars, fuel injection pumps etc. due to the tightness of the absolute material.
ixmation experiences are ranging from Air conditioning, Aeronautical and Automotive applications.

The machines are available as standard machine, as a stand alone version or as custom tailored turnkey solution interlinked to existing production lines or an ixmation automation system.

The show gathered manufacturers, suppliers, equipments builders, vehicle makers under a same events managed to benefit the supply chain even within the exhibitors themselves. As announced by the trade show organization the show attracted more than 1.5 million visitors from 5th – 11th Jan 2010 with the highest attendant recorded in a single day of 250,000 visitors.










First picture:
ixmation booth at hall 15c the "German Pavilion"
Picture left:
JK Lim (Head of LDS), Conducting the demo on the hard vacuum typ helium leak check machine to the visitors
Picture right:
JK Lim, HC Ng, BK Ooi, Kelvin Ong, KC Loh, Mark (Alcatel), Rajat (Alcatel), KK Lai

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ixmation takes pleasure in introducing our new General Manager in China,

of the ixmation Suzhou and Tianjin units, with business operations starting January 4, 2010.

Kim Jong is originally from East Timor but received his education in the U.S., with a master’s degree in Manufacturing Systems from Indiana State University, Terre Haute, and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering Technology – Electronics from Eastern Illinois University, Charleston.

Kim has spent most of his 32-year career with the multi-nationals Honeywell and Eaton. For the last 8 years he has been with Eaton Electrical (Suzhou), completing a wide range of leadership assignments, including 3 years as General Manager. Kim’s vast working experience includes exposure to a variety of responsibilities, starting with Process Engineer, then on to Project Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, and Product Development Manager. Then his professional experiences were enriched further as a Marketing and Sales Director.

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Years end note of Martin Pfister, CEO ixmation Group

A very difficult year is coming to an end. The economical environment changed dramatically from 2008 to 2009. It started with the mortgage crisis, followed by the financial crisis – the whole industry was greatly affected.

As of November, the ixmation group has had a new site in Burgdorf which is now managed by Daniel Gilgen. The new location is responsible for the sales and after sales in Europe.

Since mid 2009 the order entry in Malaysia and USA has been improving, and I’m optimistic to start with a good work load in the next year. We just received large orders from the Solar and Electronic Industry and we are expecting several additional orders out of the medical industry by the end of this year. With our global setup and our ability to handle multinational projects, we have the opportunity to differentiate ourselves further from our competitors – to satisfy our customers worldwide.  

In March, 2010 ixmation COX systems will move into a new building which is more than double the size of their current one, in preparation for future challenges.

ixmation EXCEL systems will move in July 2010 to a new building to handle the growth which we are expecting there, and to present a side of ixmation which represents the high-tech approach of the ixmation group. Next year will be in deed fascinating and interesting.

Next year will once again be another challenge. The economical crisis is not over, but we see some signals that the trend could change. I’m optimistic and full of enthusiasm to once again have the success which we want and our shareholders are expecting from us.

Martin Pfister
CEO ixmation Group

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ATE Exhibition 2009

ixmation COX systems at the ATE Exhibition 2009: Rosemont IL, 22nd – 24th September 2009.

Not only that, as the economy in general and manufacturing in particular pick up again, assemblers will have to work smarter and better than ever before if they are to survive. The new economy promises to be an increasingly global one, and that means increased competition. Along these same lines, the technologies driving the new economy – things like solar cells, personal electronics, medical devices and fuel-efficient vehicles – are going to demand higher quality processes than ever.

Both of these trends will require the best in capital equipment, including everything from fully automated systems to precision tools, conveyors and process monitoring software. And it’s all going to be on display at this year’s Assembly Technology Expo (ATExpo), set to take place at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, adjacent to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, Sept. 22-24.

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Inter Solar Exhibition 2009

ixmation COX system at the Inter Solar Exhibition 2009: San Francisco, 14th – 16th July 2009.

The co-located Intersolar North America and SEMICON West events, which took place last week in San Francisco, presented more than 560 solar exhibitors to approximately 17,000 trade visitors, exceeding organizers expectations for the second straight year. Intersolar North America alone featured 444 exhibitors, up from 210 exhibitors a year before – a 111 percent increase.

Further reinforcing the importance of Intersolar North America’s international platform for exchange, trade visitors came from circa 90 countries with companies exhibiting from 23 countries, reflecting the incredible internationality of the solar market.

“We are extremely excited about the growth of Intersolar North America,” said Markus Elsaesser, CEO of Solar Promotion International GmbH, exhibition and conference organizer. “The US solar market has incredible potential, and with the support of industry associations, including the SEMI PV Group, ASES and CALSEIA, we are creating an opportunity for solar professionals to come together and discuss continued development for the US market.”

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ixmation NOTES

IXNA announced that it has been awarded a contract in excess of $20M for manufacturing equipment for the alternative energy market.

The manufacturing systems will ultimately be manufactured and installed as a cooperative effort from multiple ixmation sites.  This first time customer’s name cannot be released due to customer confidentially. ixmation global footprint will allow us to support the long term needs and goals of our customer and has ultimately allowed us to secure this order.

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Customer Visit

ixmation Malaysia was chosen by a well-known European based provider of medical device and health care products for a project in the field of special valves for precise liquid dosages.

The assembly demands several high precision steps to ensure the absolute denseness of the customer product.
“The good, well organized communication and cooperation between our customer and ixmation made this project successfully and was very satisfying for both.” stated KK Lai, GM of ixmation MALAYSIA.

ltr.:Paul Morach (ixmy-Director of Quality & Knowledge Management), CL Lim (ixmy-Sales Section Head), Jon Ooi (ixmy-Sales Section Manager), Martin Squarra (Customer), Sam Hoe Cheng (Customer), Patrick Peh (Customer), Ismeth Yazmin (Customer), Mohammad Luthfi (Customer), KK Lai (ixmy-General Manager)

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