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ixmation helium recover systems (HRS)

ixmation’s Helium Recovery System (HRS) is the solution to save costs! With more than a decade of experience in Helium Leak Detection (HLD), ixmation has developed a proven concept to recover helium for low-, mid- and high-pressure applications. 

Helium is widely used as an excellent tracer gas in the leak detection process. However, its increased costs – and their negative impact on profit margins -- are a huge concern in today’s production environments.

Download the new ixmation Helium Recovery System flyer to learn about the advantage to save Helium and money during testing processes. ixmation Helium Recovery System!

Another unique feature of ixmation’s Helium Leak Detection system is its remarkably economical Helium Recovery System that recovers up to 90% of the tracer gas. The permanent system control visualizes the values and ensures that the ratio of helium to nitrogen remains constant throughout the testing process and eliminates the contamination of the surrounding production area. 

The ixmation Helium Leak Detection System - testero™ - successfully covers a wide range of leak testing applications in almost all industries, such as the automotive, air conditioning, medical and semiconductor industries. 

ixmation has built up successful relationships with all key suppliers of vacuum pumps to ensure that the ixmation Leak Detecting network is available worldwide.

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