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To make sure ideas are actually put into practice, we build production lines according to manufacturers’ plans, optimize them based on our experience and take them into operation – worldwide.

State of the Art – Build to Print.
By ixmation.

Custom tailored assembly lines for your high-volume manufacturing.

Build to Print delivers manufacturing solutions used to produce high-quality products for large OEMs. OEMs need to outsource high-volume manufacturing to expand their global product portfolio and improve their margins. With many years of experience in developing build to print solutions for the automotive and semiconductor industries, ixmation offers build to print solutions for the assembly and integration of sensitive, high-precision electrical and mechanical components.

If you are looking for high-quality and reliable build to print solutions, ixmation is your build to print partner, providing a qualified source of equipment or module manufacturing, assembly, design improvement, technical collaboration and project management. A wide supplier base and worldwide partnerships enable second sourcing to reduce costs.

  • ixmation provides top-quality service for its customers on three continents
  • Highly economical standards for build to print solutions
  • Tailored, customized solutions
  • Optimized build times with 100% monitoring, reliability, quality
  • High productivity, operating 24/7
  • Key account team assigned to each project
  • Automotive
  • Medical devices
  • Consumer goods
  • Electronics

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