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…it is very likely that if you pass a construction area the hydraulic for the shovel was produced on an ixmation assembly line.

Moving Big Loads Easily. With ixmation.

Automated Production of Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pneumatic Parts.

Whenever a tough job needs to be done, hydraulic pneumatic will be there to do it; from lift elevators to digging equipment, hydraulic pneumatic makes things work.  Ixmation has your solution for the manufacturing of hydraulic pneumatic parts.Design collaboration for future generation equipment.

  • Bill of owner ship and management
  • Value added equipment
  • Supplier management and continuous supply chain
  • Actuators
  • Agriculture hydraulics
  • Construction hydraulics
  • Control valves
  • Feed pumps
  • Pumps
  • Tube / Hose assemblies

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