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Reliable Project Performance. By ixmation.

Engineering project management for sustainable customer satisfaction.

  • Customer specific security
  • Professional project management
  • Globally consistent quality procedures

Project management

ixmation customers benefit from a seasoned automation  project manager as their single point of contact. Our global footprint facilitates the coordination of multi-site globally organized projects. ixmation project managers operate within a realtime database, implemented since 1995. This tool provides accurate information to our Project Managers, allowing them to effect informed decisions in real time within our engineering project management.

Project Quality Control

A global project quality control system assures consistency across ixmation plants, so that we can provide our “Best Practice” Quotation and Engineering Project Management process. The tool uses a Stage Gate process through activity milestones, starting with the “first customer contact” to “end of warranty” control structure.

Project Security

ixmation project security is tailored to your specification. Dedicated engineering project management teams work within encrypted/coded programs. From key-card access to hard or soft wall enclosing project build areas, ixmation ensures confidentiality. We know it is paramount, and we can safeguard it through an isolated assembly environment.

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